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Kerry Wolff

Kerry Wolff

IL15 Candidate

Republican Party

Questions & Answers

Answers printed as provided by the candidate, Kerry Wolff.

1.) What is the importance of the US Congress to residents of Champaign County?

The U.S. Congress is important to the people of Champaign County because it is the citizen’s first level of access to participate in passing legislation setting the rules for our society nationally. Your Representative in Congress is responsible for serving you, the people of his or her district, representing your needs and ideas in the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government.

2.) Why are you qualified to be a member of the US Congress?

Our founders thought Statesmen would temporarily leave home to go to the capital city to conduct the business of the Nation, then return home to their businesses, farms, and families. They did not envision a permanent political class of insiders in charge of the government. I’m a regular guy just like the people I am running to represent in the 15th District. When my community has needed me, I’ve stepped forward to volunteer, serve on committees and boards, and do what needs to be done. I’m one of only 2 candidates running who has experience serving in elected public office. I’ve received Illinois’ Open Meetings Act and Ethics training that is mandated of school board members, giving me great insight into these areas of responsibility. I bring a much broader range of industry experiences including agriculture (dairy, grain, agronomy, both domestic and international), financial advisor, start-up ag tech, and renewable energy. These in-depth experiences in multiple industries will help me connect with and better understand my constituents when they bring problems forward which need solutions.

3.) If elected, what is something you want to accomplish as a Member of Congress, and how long will it take?

I believe the Federal Government has intertwined itself into our daily lives far beyond what our founders intended. Reducing the out of control spending and excessively burdensome regulations of the Federal Government, while keeping taxes low, will be my first priority in Congress. You, the individual citizen need good jobs and the freedom to thrive and succeed in a growing economy.

4.) Is there anything else you would like to say to an undecided voter?

Voters should nominate me because I see the role of a U.S. Congressman as a responsibility to SERVE the people I’m REPRESENTING. I’m not a politician, and it’s not a career path for me. I’m here to serve my constituents and help the people in the 15th District of Illinois improve their livelihoods. I don’t do polling to test what policies I should promote or words I should say to gain the most votes. I believe being a Statesman and having the heart of a servant means telling people what I believe, what I think is important, and what I want to focus on so they can decide if my views best match theirs. To learn more about my views go to and my Facebook page “Kerry Wolff for Congress”.

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