About our Candidate Guide

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Example candidate race.

We have created our online candidate guide website using a combination of off-the-shelf open source software and custom php code. 

How are the candidates ordered?

First, we only feature candidates in contested races. There are often races for a seat that have only one candidate running and go unchallenged or uncontested. We do not list these races, as it doesn’t really matter if you vote for that candidate or not, they will still win.

For the order of the races/contests, we try and organize it from Federal to Local, and then by salary. So US Senate before US Congress, and Circuit Judge before Circuit Clerk. And so on.

For Primary 2020 (and any other Primary election where you can only pull a Republican or Democrat ballot), we display one party’s whole ticket, and then show the other party’s list of candidates. But, you may ask, how do we decide if Republicans or Democrats are on top? Randomly. Just a digital coin flip each time you load the page, and it will display either Republicans or Democrats first.

The same is true for the order of candidates within a race/contest. This is decided randomly, each time the page loads. So not by Alphabetical. Not by Ballot Lottery Order. Just random, each time the page loads.

We do this to try and be as fair as possible to each party and each candidate.

Where does the information for the candidates come from?

The internet. And the candidates. For the first sweep of the guide, we collect as much publicly available information as we can find. Then, we send a questionnaire to each contested candidate. We ask each candidate the same set of questions. We also ask them if any of the information or pictures we have are inaccurate or need updating.

We set a hard deadline for the candidates to get the information back to us. We make multiple contact attempts to assure that the candidates have received our questionnaire.

If a candidate has not responded to our questionnaire by the stated deadline, we let you know when you select “more information” for their profile.

Have a question we haven’t answered, email us! info@votechampaign.org