From June 2019 – Present, many of the operations of VoteChampaign & CCVA have been wrapped into the League of Women Voters of Champaign County. The League has been doing some incredible work and continues to expand. VoteChampaign continues to work in partnership with the League to promote voter education throughout Champaign County.

Going forward, VoteChampaign intends to continue publishing candidate information guides for every election in Champaign County, as well as circulate free non-partisan Get Out The Vote material throughout the community. If you have any questions, or would like to donate to help with printing costs, please email:


Direct Link to Google Drive Folder: click here.


May 18: Planning Meeting – notes

May 5: Planning Meeting – notes

April 14: Planning Meeting – notes

March 3: GOTV Municipal 2019! (slides)

January 22: Do Local Elections Matter? (slides)


November 17: Post-Election Meeting (slides)

September 27: Early Voting Kickoff! (slides)

July 21: Get Out The Vote 2018! (slides)

May 26: The Road Ahead (slides)

March 31: From Ideas to Actions (slides)