Roger Digges

Roger Digges

Questions & Answers

For the April 2019 Election

What is the importance of Park Commissioner to residents of Urbana?

Park Commissioners represent all residents of Urbana in overseeing the property, finances, and programming of their park district. We provide a sounding board for citizens, accountability to taxpayers, and support for park district staff.

Why are you qualified to be a Park Commissioner?

I have spent the last half decade learning about our parks, five years researching the history of Meadowbrook, two years as a member of the Urbana Park District Advisory Committee (UPDAC), and the past year as a Commissioner. I have attended continuing education forums at our state and national conference. As a (now retired) member of the clergy, I have much experience working with teams and listening to people.

If elected, what is something you want to accomplish as a Park Commissioner, and how long will it take?

I want to contribute to the rehabilitation of Crystal Lake. I hope that can be done in the next 3 or 4 years. I also want to help the District create and maintain an inventory of rare and/or endangered or threatened plants or animals in its natural areas.

Is there anything else you would like to say to an undecided voter?

I bring both knowledge and wisdom to the position of Commissioner. I have the time to be involved on committees as well as the Park Foundation, and to attend park events. I am a daily user of Meadowbrook and frequent user of other parks and programs, so I have a lot personally invested. And I will do my very best to represent all the people of Urbana.

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