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Casey Chlebek

Casey Chlebek

US Senate Candidate

Republican Party

Questions & Answers

Answers printed as provided by the candidate, Casey Chlebek.

1.) What is the importance of the US Senate to residents of Champaign County?

As the Illinois Senator, I will fight for the best jobs. I will strive to designate special economic zones in the State with the most advanced technologies such as 5G, AI, quantum computing, robotics and automation. For the country, I will fight to restore and rebuild 8 million industrial jobs and 50,000 factories which we exported overseas during the last 40 years.

I will conduct a very aggressive campaign to defeat the Senator Durbin concentrating on the following critical issues not just to the Champaign voters but to all voters of Illinois:
· Massive Illinois debt
· Massive exodus from Illinois
· 50 years of political legislative failures and 24 years as Senator

I will fight for solving the most pressing issues of the day such as:
· Overhauling the Immigration System so that the “wall” becomes irrelevant and without illegal immigration.
· Overhauling the Health Care System to concentrate on the preventive medicine rather than disease control only pushed by the Big Pharma.
· Out of control state and national debt levels. State debt level is now at 250 billion is the worst in the country.

2.) Why are you qualified to be a US Senator?

Since I am an immigrant who was raised in the utopian world of socialist policies of Poland and since I have achieved my success in the U.S., as the only republican candidate with such an experience, I can share with the voters the following:

Firstly, that I will educate people about the perilous outcome of the socialist policies. I can convince the young generation of Americans that the socialist world everything free for all and the world of plenty is just a dream vision which ends in the collapse of the society or worse in the mass killings.

Secondly, tell my story as an immigrant who I came to this country by following the immigration rules for 15 years I achieved my citizenship status of life in a free world. I could advance the argument that immigrants should achieve success by their own bootstraps, and not by government handouts. My family achieved success in the free enterprise society by hard work and their passion to succeed.

Therefore, I do believe, I offer very unique credentials for the Champaign County and Illinois voters to elect me in the 2020 Elections.

I am also a successful businessman who founded the C &J Realty Management, Inc, and now as the president I manage it.

3.) If elected, what is something you want to accomplish as a US Senator, and how long will it take?

As the Illinois Senator, my first order of business will be to designate special economic zones in the State with the most advanced technologies such as 5G, AI, quantum computing, robotics and automation. The purpose of such a program would be to create the best job market for the younger generation of professionals in order to stem their exodus from the State. Along the same lines, for all age groups, I would like to recreate suitable economic conditions for the industries which were literally exported overseas, primarily to China. Since it took 40 years of destructive economic policies to move from the country to the overseas places about 8 million jobs and close 50,000 factories my goal is that by the end of my first term we will achieve the goal of the industrial recovery in the State.

4.) Is there anything else you would like to say to an undecided voter?

If you would like to me the stakeholder of your own destiny, then I sincerely hope that my #1, #2, and #3 messages will resonate with you and convince you to vote for me. I am not a tenured politician with a pre-established I owe you’s, therefore, I will have my office open to all people of Illinois rather than just to special interest groups. I am just a common man for common people and I would like to be your employee. Vote for Casey on March 17, 2020!.

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