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Robert Marshall

Robert Marshall

US Senate Candidate

Republican Party

Questions & Answers

Answers printed as provided by the candidate, Robert Marshall.

1.) What is the importance of the US Senate to residents of Champaign County?

They need a Senator who will look out for the residence of Champaign County. Senator Durbin has neglected the crumbling infrastructure of Champaign. I will not. That is where one of my district offices will be instead of Chicago.

2.) Why are you qualified to be a US Senator?

One of my opponents is a veteran. One of my opponents is a former physician. One of my opponents is a former office holder. I am all of that and more. I do not need this job but I want to give back and set a foundation of giving through providing citizens the resources they need to succeed.

3.) If elected, what is something you want to accomplish as a US Senator, and how long will it take?

We must continue to support Social Security and Medicare since they are two of the most successful Federal programs ever. I am against raising further taxes to support Social Security and also against decreasing benefits for those who are in the system now. The best solution I believe is to continue to increase the retirement age to 67 or 68 or even 69.

I am 76 and still working as a physician and therefore can argue best for this reform, much better than my four opponents.

We must also tighten up requirements to get disability benefits from the Social Security system. This should be done by the end of my first term.

4.) Is there anything else you would like to say to an undecided voter?

I am a physician and believe that my training would help in arguing in favor of Republican plans for healthcare, tort reform and other issues involving health and scientific training.

I was elected to local office in the village where I live and most of the other candidates have not been elected to public office.

I live in the suburbs of Chicago. This upcoming election will be decided by suburban Cook and collar county towns and counties. I have lived here 39 years and pay $34,000 per year in property taxes. I have sent my children to public schools and colleges in the Chicagoland area. I, therefore, have a greater understanding of all of the issues in these areas and therefore would be a better candidate than most of the other candidates.

I am a better choice than my opponents because I have a moderate stance on social issues, such as abortion, marijuana, LBGT issues, women's issue and issues involving young people. I am for the ERA and believe that women should be paid equally with men for equal jobs. In cases of sexually harassment, women should be believed and not should not be victimized.

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